Thursday, April 28, 2005

a word on semen

Ever wonder about the semen that we wastefully deposit without second thought? What's the caloric content of the ejaculate? How about its protein content? Any essential vitamins or nutriuents? Whats it taste like? *Well, I can ask a few people about the taste...hmm...maybe I can just...nah...I'd probably gag...*

A little research on the web, and some interviews via IM, here is what I have found.
  • Sperm counts for only about 1% of total semen
  • Average sperm count is somewhere between 100 and 600 million wigglers
  • Some of the contents of semen include: ascorbic asic, waster, sugar, calcium, chlorine, magnesium, nitrogen, vitamin B12, zinc
  • A tablespoon of semen is about 25 calories
  • Some 5% of women are allgeric to semen (I guess that's why they gag)
  • Kiwi, celery, and watermelon makes the semen lighter tasting, where beer and coffee drinks are said to have bitter-tasting ejaculate; fish gives it a buttery taste
  • The protein content is roughly that a of a large egg
Most of the semenic nutrients are found in foods supporting a good diet. However, if you find spermine and uric acid in your veggie burrito, you probably should have words with the Mexican short order cook.

About the salty, bitter taste? Check out Semenex- the only product for men proven to sweeten semen. "(Semenex) tastes a lot like liquid pumpkin pie. I was really surprised!" Sez one of the clients, whilst making his organic human protein shake.

There you are. Armed with knowledge and power - go forth and sow the seeds of good taste.

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