Friday, July 13, 2007

Aass Beer...a dedication of Ass to Mouth

"Man this beer tastes like Ass!"

That is common expression of a beer that has been sitting in my garage for a few years, enduring alternate seasons of heat, humidity, and cat urine. The skunky flavor of said beer often elicit the above exclamation.

Although I never knew what Ass taste like - where did the expression come from? Perhaps next time I should ask the if, indeed, I have created artificial Ass flavor.

Anyway I digress. In Norway, there is a beer named "Aass". Its close enough that between my child-like giggles I had to take pictures of it.

That was nice pair of Ass.

Below is pallet full of the stuff. To which I sighed and say:

"Man, that's a lot of Ass."

Here is an Aass up close and personal.

"It's Hauling Ass Beer!"

Your Ass on Ice.

Alright that's enough juvenile Ass beer fun. I swear, Tim drank so much of the stuff our friend Thor said he's never seen a man do so much Ass to Mouth.


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