Tuesday, February 01, 2005

vegetarians are sexy...when they are models pillow fighting

One normally associate vegetarians as sickly yet aloof people who are on a morality high. The veggie men are thin and underdeveloped and their women have no breasts. Their organization, PETA (not to be confused with People for Eating Tasty Animals) is ineffectice and can, at best, muster the brainiac that is Pamela Anderson as their anti-KFC spokesman. Well, at least they have a sexy ad that got rejected by the Supperbowl. Nothing like two chick in 70's short shorts duking it out with pillows.

Link to Peta's Superbowl "Sausage" Ad

BTW. WWJD? Jesus, I suspect, would eat meat. If you believe the Bible is non-fiction, then you would know that it tells a tale of a man named Jesus eating fish, see people as lamb, and kept company with prostitutes. But really, I love Jesus.

sexy vegans? only if the pillows were cucumbers...Posted by Hello


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