Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ammonia Chloride in My Mouth

I bought a variety pack of Lakerol Sugarfree Pastilles on the way back from Norway. There is the Salt Lakris and Xena (like the warrior princess) flavors, which I remember fondly of putting in my mouth and spitting out while in Oslo. There is the Original flavor, which is a bit minty, and reminds the palette of a slightly less sweet Ricola.

Then there is this Salmiak thing. The taste is a cross of a spoonful of MSG, a chunk of urinal cake, all infused in a Bill Cosby colored gelatin, imprinted with Captain America's symbol.

Everyone at work who tried it has spit it back out within seconds. Couple of them did so violently that I have little dried up pieces of pastilles permanently bonded to my desk. Its kind of gross - when I type and move my elbow, I can run into some of these salmiak bumps.

I looked up Salmiak on Wikipedia. Turn out Salmiak is made from Ammonium Chloride. Unlike Sodium Chloride, which is common table salt, this stuff is more akin to pee.

Yum. Salted pee.

Guess I wasn't too off when I though these tasted like salted urinal cakes. I just didn't know it was used salted urinal cakes.


Blogger gnyffel said...

You lie! Through your teeth, even! Salmiak is the single best thing in candy. Though Lakerol of all things is a pretty bland example. You should try Super Piratos. Those are where it's at, to wield an (for me) uncommon turn of phrase.

Ah well, I guess you cannot be blamed for being brought up wrong. ^^

8:33 AM  
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