Monday, July 11, 2005

the healthy human flesh food alternative

There has been lots of talk about alternative sources of food. Seems like we're running out of the stuff or something if you believe in these doomsayers. Last I checked, both Safeway and Fred Meyers were fully stocked of the kind of things I like to eat. What's the panic, huh bub?

But I do see that, for the taste enthusiasts, how the regular staples of beef, chicken, pork, fish can get stale and boring. Heck, I've eatensnakes, dogs, crickets, scorpions just to wake up the taste buds. However, I soon find even the more exotic forms of sustenance quickly become pedestrian.

In my hours of culinary darkness, I find this, the health alternative of eating human flesh! I'm booking a flight to Fiji and hooking up with the local guide to sample some people meat. Here is a sample menu item:

"Serano Nanito - These native dumplings filled with hufu (or human flesh), sago and yam are prized for their taste as well as their ability to make you fierce and brave in tribal combat."

Eat Hufu - The Healthy Human Flesh Alternative

he's not only my guide, he's also my chef and butcher Posted by Picasa


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Link away!!! :)

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