Wednesday, June 01, 2005

banana phone...from a stupid song to reality

The original Banana Phone song was amuzing for about the first 20 seconds. But then they made a cute flash version of it with (I dare not go to the link and confirm) groundhog-skunk looking animals singing the song in a nauseating high pitch tone. Then they made a much darker, bleeding from the eyes and ears, and kick the dead guy in the skull version. Once in a while I hear someone using the song as their ringtone, or hear it blasting from their iPod. Now they made it into an actual product!

If I see a someone looking like the guy below, and hear his phone ring with the Banana Phone song, and see him whip out an actual Banana Phone, I might just very well perform a boot to his head maneuver, tear his arm out from it socket, and tickle his colon with the finger.

picture stolen from sfist

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