Friday, May 20, 2005

how does fat people do it?

We all heard jokes of dudes so fat they haven't got a clear look of their purple-headed-one-eye-trouser-snake for years. Then we see women so largethat we wonder with her legs wide open, do her thighs still touch? Shit, how do they enjoy a steamy round of sweaty fornication? Not that anyone is obessed, but geez, our curiosity must be sated.

Here is a pic to get you going. This is taken from a feature documentary on Discover of the underground over 300 lbs wife-swapping sex cult.

Hey - God gave us procreation, and even the rotund are entitled to hear the sounds of fat balls slapping on loose thighs.

And if you resemble the bearded man below, and want to know how to shed the Crisco underneath, here is a site that offer a solution: How To Lose Weight Easily.

I really didn't need to see this...thought I share the blindness with the world Posted by Hello