Tuesday, May 24, 2005

you need to get that checked, man

Ever taken a crap so hurtful that you had to stand up and take a look-see what came out of from between the cheeks? You you have. Ever be amazed that such magnificient speciment of excrement was the only thing constructive you made all day? Of course. Ever want to yell - HEY! Come and see my POO! You know it.

But the multiple social norms that you would violate by inviting family, friends, and coworkers to stand before the pot to see your intestinal sausage prevents you from doing so. Not to mention that, by standing up and checking out your work, you completely forgotten to wipe and you know you'd be wearing that brown streak for the rest of the day.

Here is a site where you can take a picture of your poo in the privacy of your stall, and let everyone in the world admire in quiet astonishment. Submit yours. I did mine.

exhibit 11a - a large colon worm Posted by Hello


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