Sunday, July 24, 2005

give me little love

I see a lot of my friends on eHarmony, Yahoo, and other online dating service. Most of them don't have what some would call "good looks". Well, it's not that they are missing functional body parts, have visible deformations, odd speech inpediment, or suffer any other distinguished communicable medical disabilities. It's just that they are sometimes bald, maybe a bit overwright (ideal weight + 150%), not Brad Pitt-ish in looks, no job, a combination of all, or sometimes all of the above.

But that's not why I'm blogging this.

I wondered just a moment ago, how do little people (i.e. dwarfs, midgets, pygmies) do for online dating? Just my luck, first search and I found it, the Little People Meet network! I haven't logged in since my festish lies elsewhere. But it is nice to know that the web caters to all walks of life.

Next I plan to search for online dating for the big and tall, quadraplegics, people without employment, or maybe dating service for necrophiliacs.

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