Monday, August 08, 2005


Women are complicated creatures. When a woman has a problem, they don't want the man to solve the problem. No, they want someone to simply listen. They completley disregard the fact that a man is built to solve problems and not sit through lengthly episodes of emotional dialog, epecially those that they caused.

Also, Women misuse common English words. When I was younger, I thought Feminism was all about women being more feminine. Great! I support that! Boy howdy was I way off that mark.

Women want a guy (normally, unless they gay) that's strong, indenpendent, have a job, can stand up to his mother, and all that masculine stuff - and yet - that man should also be soft, tender, and senstivie to her needs.

That's a tall order.

I don't think I recall any of my friends say that "You know, my wife cooks, cleans, takes care of the kids, and keeps the house spotless. I just wish that she go out and get a full time job, have an occational threesome with her sister and I, and don't question where I was off too last two days."

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