Tuesday, July 26, 2005

how to properly pick thy nose

Though often regarded as disgusting, a simple poll would reveal that most people, at one time or another, is either picking or have just gotten done picked their nose. Oh what treasure we dig out of this mysterious facial orifice. And how fortunate that most of us have two nostrils so that when we enjoy the pleasure of emptying one, we can savor the fact there is another waiting for the picking.

I like it when I have a running nose, and I pick out this long stringy loogey looking slimy thing about 6 inches long that seems to have been coiled in my nasal cavity. It actually clears my nose out and tickles the back of my throat.

For the art of nosepicking, see The Fine Art of Nosepicking.

"...how odd it is that a society intent on being open about masturbation still considers nose-picking to be a taboo subject..."

I just hope that ass picking doesn't become vogue.

Nose picking: rhinotillexomania (look it up) Posted by Picasa