Wednesday, July 27, 2005

flight 666, ready for take off

I knew there is something about me and the number 666. All my emails end in 666, my bank account number has 666 in it, and I see it everywhere. My flight to Taipei, Taiwan is, guess what, flight 666. The non-Christian in me said its just a coincidence, and there really is no god or hell. But the practical part of me said "yeah, but it's no reason to piss either one of them off".

After security check-in, they gave me a sticker with the number "666" on it for my carry-ons. I kept the sticker to commenorate the first fight of hell I took. Incidentally, the flight was comfortable, service was excellent, and the stewardess something good to look at.

"I'm on the Airway to Hell..." Posted by Picasa