Sunday, September 18, 2005

a mexican may be crossing our borders right now

World economics suggests that without cheap labor, the US cannot function as a nation. There are more low wage labor jobs here in the States than there are white trailer dwellers ("I know where your mama parks you house!") to fill it. That's the true reason why leaders of this nation wouldn't secure our borders. Really.

Since Mexico is close by, willing to work, and don't mind low pay and subhuman working conditions, we get a huge flux of them. In California, Mexican sightings occur so frequently that it's government is forced to put up warning signs to drivers. Similar to the deer crossing signs you see in Montana, now you will see bright yellow Mexican Crossing signs in California.

Remember, if collision in unavoidable, aim for the one with least mass.

Go see Carlos Mencia's take on the wetback silhouette.

caution - illegals crossing Posted by Picasa


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