Thursday, September 08, 2005

japanese schoolgirl fetish

Japan is know for a lot of things - big robot cartoons, reliable cars, quality stereo equipment, electonic gadgets, Pearl Habor, sushi, and helping the US test out the A-Bomb. What is lesser known is the entire country's healthy appetite for anything school-girl related. Just until recently, one can purchase used underwear from junior and high-school girls from vending machines. It's true. Here is a great link to all sorts of vending machines in Japan. You can buy porn, condoms, and live lobsters on the same street - what you do with it may raise a few eyebrows.

Back to the schoolgirl subject. Notice how Sailor Moon and cohorts are always in school uniform? Look at any Japanese anime and you'll find this common theme. So I did a little investigation and went to Japan. Below is a real life observation of Japanese students. I later went undercover and posed as a Japanese businessman and actually bought the underwear from the girl on the far right for 2500 yan (about $25). Amazing!

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