Tuesday, August 30, 2005

jesus died so we can have fun at his expense

Oh how does on pass those dull times spent on the internet and remain a true follower of the Christ? Temptation is all over the 'net to lead us astray. We strain, muscles tightened, so as to not click on the free porn offer. But some release is needed. Oh lord Jesus, how do we find some diversion on the internet without perusing kiddie porn? Please, God, grant this sinner a wholesome sacrament in the form of entertainment!!!

And the Lord giveth...Jesus Dress Up! Too long has our savior the Christ been portrayed as a hash smoking hippy in loincloths stapled to a cross? It's time to dress him up. Give our Lord Christ a proper set of bunny slippers and a change of underwear!

because I'm not going to hell fast enough... Posted by Picasa


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