Saturday, August 20, 2005

I like my food meaty

Oh those crazy people at PETA. Spending all their time campaigning against the collective desires of people everywhere to chew, swallow, and digest healthy, tasty, juicy meat and meat by products. They call Burger King "Murder King". Clue, I'm thinking, is not something people at PETA have in great abundance. I guess solving famine, war, pestilence, and the protection of our borders from illegals just around important enough. Pam Anderson is a PETA spokesperson. She's packing two nice slabs of breast meat there. Tommy Lee is also a PETA guys now, and he's hiding a 15 inch salami his his drawers (see Pam and Tommy's Honeymoon Video).

I've seen plenty of meat substitutes - Tofurkey, veggie burger, chicken and steaks made from tofu and mushrooms. Somehow I never ran across vegetable substitutes. I think there is a market for it. Imagine, kids everywhere eating brocolli made from beef, carrots from salmon, and pork califlowers. Yum!

Oh, and this site is pretty funny. Go see it.

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