Tuesday, August 16, 2005

how to properly reuse condoms (and it don't have to be yours!)

Economy is not doing well, and what with the gas prices reaching record highs, it's hitting everyone's pockets pretty hard. Unfortunately, we need our transportation, we need food, we need water, and most of us also need sex.

But promiscuous intercourse with multiple anonymous partners is dangerous these days. If you need proof, just read about Brian on the post below. So we use condoms to keep our sex life healthy, and help keep our gentialia in good working condition. Problem is, condoms aren't cheap - and if you go through a box a day, it gets expensive awful quick. The habit is worse than tobacco and alcohol.

Solution? Recycle and reuse, my friend. That's right, pick up those half-filled condoms from your floor, or raid your roommate's garbage can if you hadn't had action lately. Rinse them out in soapy warm water, make sure you use some kind of anti-bacterial detergent. Since we can't toss the little bugger in the dryer, make sure you hang them to dry - it'll also help take out the wrinkles.

Remember to hang the drying condoms in a place in plain view - tell the world that you are helping reducing the dependency on oil (ummm...I think latex comes from oil, right?). It might just help you pick up some tree hugger chicks with hairy armpits.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey.... This is Brian. 凸\_/凸

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