Sunday, August 21, 2005

never drink stale beer again...unless you really have to

Ever do a little cleaning around the house and find some unopened beers laying around? Ever get that trill of playing Russian roulette by opening it up and take a big swig? Yeah, me too. Though most beers are pasturized (meaning old beer shouldn't kill you), a 3 year old beer that's been going through second and third fermentation in the warmness of the garage can taste mighty bad. How bad? Seriously bad, like eating the kernels of corn I just popped individually into your sister's ass. That's how bad.

Well, thanks to the miracles of cornputers and the internet, the freshness of that beer your just found is only a few key clicks away. Check out Beer Buddy - they strive to "keeping you safe from what's in your fridge". Pop open the site, enter the brand and serial number and voila! Now you have to tool necessary to make intelligent choice whether to drink that beer you found under the couch, or risk DUI and drive down to the store for another six-pack.

I once drank a can of beer with cigarette ashes in it... Posted by Picasa


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