Friday, September 02, 2005

now a word on new orleans

This is a conversation between me and my boss about the New Orleans floods...

Boss: "Who the hell would build a city 30 feet below sea level?"

Me: "Whoelse? The fucking French!"

Proof again that the French are much more sinister than the al queda - they are willing to wait hundreds of years to inflict pain upon their enemies. This is how I see it happened -

Nostradamus (a French, yep) predicted there would be a record storm to hit Southern US. So they built a large party town (New Orleans) where? 30 feet below the water, that's where. Three hundred years later, hunnricane Katrina PMS's as predicted, and wham! We have Lake Orleans.

I don't think any French would admit that not only can they not win a war, they also have crappy city planning skills. Personally I'm sending a care package of razors and soap to my local French embassy.

all human stupidity genes are directly traceable to the french Posted by Picasa


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