Monday, September 05, 2005

bitch slapping for fun and education

Katrina went to New Orleans and blew everybody. I wonder when they'll make a porno based on that? "Katrina Blew the Gulf Coast".

Anyhoo - I'm a bit tired of stubborn people who either refused to heed the warnings to evacuate, or are still hanging around their house in the South.

I say we ought to round them all up, bitch slap them until they apologize, and put them into hard labor to rebuild the city. Too much resources are being wasted on searching and rescuing these dimwits that real people are suffering. Stop giving them a forum on TV! I'm sick of hearing these fucks and their whole "entitlement" attitude.

You want my help? Ask nicely. Go on national television and bitch about the help people are providing you, free? I say we kick them to the curb like they deserve. I hate people without a good dose of gratitude.

I was going to donate $200 to the hurricane fund, but upon seeing who I might be helping, I bought a new center speaker for my 7.1 Dolby Surround Home Theater system instead.


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