Thursday, October 06, 2005

100% pure steven seagal juice

I'm mostly gassy all of the time. I've learned to control my rectum and let gas silently seep out throughout the day when I'm around people, leaving little warm pockets of stink for others to enjoy. When needed, I build up a New Orleans destroying butt burp that at once let a fotunate target experience category 4 winds and the sweet scent of anal halitosis.

So why would I want to drink Steven Seagal's Gas? That's what this perplexing softdrink is all about. It's the Gas of the once famous greasy hair over actor. Oh, if you don't real Chinese or Kanji, that's what the character in the middle says "Air" or "Gas".

wrap your mouth around a can of steven segal's excreted vapors...yummy