Monday, August 28, 2006


"To thee we ask aloud... Who art thou?!"

"We are the iscariots... The legion of Jude Iscariot!"

"Now I ask of thee, Iscariots... What is it thou hast clutched in thy right hand?!"

"We're clutching the dagger... We're clutching the poison!"

"Then, Iscariots, I ask of thee... What doth thou grasp firmly in thy left hand?!"

"We're grasping 30 pieces of silver... We're grasping a halter made of straw!"

"If that's the case... What are thee, Iscarot?!"

"We are apostles, yet not apostles." "We are disciples, yet not disciples." "We are believers, yet not believers." "We are traitors, yet not traitors!!"

"For our sins, when the time comes, we will cast these 30 pieces of silver into the temple...and hang ourselves with this halter made of straw"


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