Sunday, August 20, 2006


Time to trim my fingernails. I hear tell that fingernails grow twice as fast as toenails. But it has been my recently belief that mine are faster still. I trim my toenail once a month, or when I notice ventilation holes cut by the big toe. I trim my fingernails about once a week, mainly due to two reasons.

My fingernails get black when they are long. Once in awhile I will use an exacto knife to scrape off the nail-boogers when a nail clipper isn't handy. I wonder if these things build up from my occational nostril spelunking. But that mustn't be it because how can that activity lead to scum under my thumb?

It really sounds the alarm when I type. I type with my fingertips. With long nails, each strik of the keys produce a "clack clack clack" sound accompanied by jarring vibrations through my finger joints. Maybe this brings about capal tunnel. Either way, drives me nuts.


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