Thursday, August 10, 2006

such a waste of my time

The final project draws near. Last presentation before I graduate.

So why is it that I feel such unease and total boredom with those I work with?

The lack of creativity? The thinnest attempt to even try and perform? The complete uselessness of all those involved in something that I can do myself in but one fortnight?

I just spent several hours locked in a room with people in my group finishing up the PowerPoint slides that is to recue me out of this drugery of a masters program. I walked into the thing having written over 40 pages of white paper material that directly impacts the project only to a near blank presentation because no one else has even contemplated that a basic structure should have already been put together.

Hours pass as I see one person fidgeting around with research document online looking to summarize what I can, at a glance, do in mere minutes. The other person is figeting with the positions of research photos; a vain attempt in basic artistic creativity, and failing. The third person is at least honest - falling asleep with his cheek on the laptop.

I leave to have dinner and hit the gym to spend excess energy. 3 hours pass and I return to those I mildly distain to continue working with.

1 page was finished.

One slide.

I sit hours longer to see 3 more slides composing of no content, but merely photgraphs, being resized and labeled.

My turn for the next two slides. It takes me less than 5 minutes.

They run through the presentation in order to prepare for the actual thing. They are all extremely tired from having just returned from Asia and not adjusted.

Why go through the motions when your heart is not in it? Do they really think when all else is exhausted, meaningless work equates to hard work, and that somehow translates to productivity? I think not.

I will be glad that within 12 hours, I will be done with this project. Those who have worked with me on this will be questionable if they ever work with me again. The miscommunication, lacking in any type of management, and total unprepareness of their work is enough to put me in a world of catatonic apprehension.

Maybe I should have not let them manage this project. Maybe my thought that "let them gain the experience of self management" has backfired. In any case, I can see all of these people need more experience than a gung-ho attitude.

Until then, it's sayonara from me. I'm off to do my own things.


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