Tuesday, July 11, 2006

inching toward a master degree

This is it. It is the last week of school. I am one Saturday class, and one exit project away from my master degree in International Management. I have had hair, lost those hair, and got back my hair in the three year struggle to balance work, life, and school. I have gone through 5 shades of farmers tan. Sold my truck, bought and given away my Mustang, and now drive a wholly impractical roadster with 1.5 cubic foot of trunk space. Travelled to Asia 6 times, staying anywhere from .5 star to 5 star hotels. Got pampered, got misplaced, got found. It has been a journey full of stories, friends, interesting places, and adventures. Opened my mind to new concepts, and made me understand a bit more of my personal nuances. Seen intereting people, got to know them, and subsequently decided they were mistakes. Some friends I kept, some never became friends. In all, I gained more in life than I probably will ever fully comprehend. While I'll be sad to see it all go away, I welcome the extra time I will soon have. Too often have I used the excuse of "homework" and "study" and missed out what is really important. Too long have I been away from those who needed me by their side. A new dawn is rising, soon. Will it be a new me?


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