Tuesday, June 27, 2006

heat wave

It's been so friggin' hot the last few days that when I walked outside, I swore the fluids in my eyeballs were boiling. It's hot enough that I went to PSU with the top up, and the A/C cranked as high as it can go. Interesting thing the A/C in my car...at the second fan speed it is blowing out more air than any other cars I owned. At full blast, I was actually getting cold. I think I saw my breath.

Heat makes me lazy. And with 4th of July approaching I decided I'll just do the ultimate lazy thing - take 9 days off and stay at home. I wonder how long that will last.

3 more weeks and I'm done with this master degree thing. I can milk one last trip to China through the exit project. I think I'll do Shenzhen, Donguan, Guangzhou, and Chengdu all in one shot. Have to remind myself to build in some R&R time though...

Oh what will I do post masters education? All of last years graduates have pretty much shitty jobs worse than what I got with just a bachelors degree. Oh well, better be nice to them just in case someday I need them to find me a job...

My back hurts...I think I'm going to lay down...


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