Saturday, April 29, 2006

it's mexijuana time

In an effort to ease border tension, Mexico has decided that it will begin efforts to make the rest of Mexico more like Tiajuana. The first step in making Mexico the Amsterdam of America is legalizing marijuana, cocaine, ecstacy, and heroin for personal use. In the 3-year plan proposed by Mexican President Vincente Fox, legalization of prostitution will be next, followed by the construction of casinos and cock fighting pits next to the US-Mexican border next to the border wall. "This will provide jobs for Mexican nationals. No longer will Mexicans be slaves for unappreciative US Strawberry Pickers' Union," says Mr. Fox. "We are natives of the Americas, it's about time we take note of the actions of our Native American friends."

Rush Limbaugh has called this move by the Mexican government "a good gesture and a good start", but also that "they need to legalize painkillers such OxyCotin and Hydrocodone immediately if they wish to attract the business of wealthy radio hosts."

Economists predict within 10 years, Mexico will create more than $500 billion pesos in revenue. But experts warn the revenue created will be spent on healthcare for US narcotic addicts, education for their kids, and annoying marches of protesters waving US flags in Cabo San Lucas.

viva las vegas mexico!


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