Wednesday, March 22, 2006

three weeks in Asia

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle...

Been gone for almost a month traveling with a troupe of near graduating master degree candidates through Tokyo, Beijing, and Shanghai without a single update to my little corner of the internet. What interesting time we had, and oh, where to begin with some new experiences?

I ate Fugu, or Blowfish, in Tokyo. One stray sliver of this most poisonous fish can mean death within hours.

I went into the girl's bathroom to take some pictures on behest of fellow female students only to be almost identified as a pervert by our translator.

I watched the Chinese equilavent of The Gong Show at the Beijing Opera.

We managed to get $1.25 haircuts that, for the most part, turned out great.

I watched my friend Dana get whacked by a homeless woman for being too cheap to give her the US equilavent of $0.12.

Climbed the Great Wall of China, invaded living quarters at 4 AM, drank 2 liter sized Heineken, and listened to stories of how people got Shanghai'ed for money by English students.

Where to begin stories that fit the pictures...


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