Thursday, January 26, 2006

forget lasik, beer goggles work better

Beer goggles and Lasik surgery both share a common background: they are both scientifically proven to improve your vision. Well, at least it improves what you see.

Lasik improves the eyes' ability to focus light accurately onto the rods and cones, thereby sending a sharper image to your retina and allowing you to see clearly. Beer goggles forgoe the complication of bringing light into a singular locus and reshaping your oculous through intense lasers. Instead, it makes whatever you see, better!

Proof? It's here in an article by the BBC. They're British, and so must be unpretentious and right.

So next time you go home with Charlize Theron, and wake up to Charles Thorn, you'll appreciate that it is due to science, and not poor judgement.

Meet Hindsight, she's 20/20.


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