Tuesday, January 24, 2006

egg cars, get killed

Why do we protect punkass kids who behave badly, and punish the adults who even the score? Here we have a man who is simply driving along the street, only to have a bunch of uncouth jackass teenagers throw eggs at his pickup. The man did what any red-blooded American man would do - but don't in fear of unjust laws - he pulled out his gun and shot them.

Sure, the guy has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Sure, he has a history of violence. But aren't we forgetting the fact that in the particular case, stupid teenagers think they can get away with hurtful pranks instigated the whole thing? If I'd know that throwing eggs at cars could result me being shot at and possibly killed, I'd find other forms of amusement.

Personally, I'm quite sick and time of punks who demand respect but will give none. They cry foul whenever something is not going their way, yet will pursue every advantage.

I say, good for you man. You stood for what you believed. You decided that violence is the final answer, and solved your problem once and for all. There will be no egging in prison. There will also be one less punk who won't be antagonizing drivers with eggs.

some teenagers deserve a good killing


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'ra a so fucking sick! No teenager deserves to die for egging a car! You need some serious help!

5:44 PM  

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