Monday, January 23, 2006

creative past of human torture

Not that I would ever condone torture to extract information. In most of our history we have learned that information gained from pain is almost always false and useless. So then, one might reasonable conclude that we torture To some people, the calling of the sadistic nature must be quite strong.

Take the below for instances, pillaged from Occational Hell, the Judas Cradle. A person is synched by the waist with the iron ring and hoisted up in the air. The pointy pyramid thing is then positioned underneath. Underneath what? You Ask? Oh, the anus, the vagina, the ball sacks, the taint, or any other pontentially extremely hurtful just to think about region sandwiched between the buttocks. The person is lowered, and pain ensues.

Maybe this is the predecessor to reality TV in the old world. I can think of a few people that should spend a few minutes on such creative devices like the Iron Gag and the Breast Ripper. But who knows, some butt pounding whore might even enjoy a session with a Pear of Anguish.

why don't you sit on it and...spin!


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