Thursday, January 19, 2006

poor judgment is fun judgment

No group of friends ever got together and reminisced the following statement:

"Hey man, remember that time we abided speed limit and drove up to Seattle, had a pleasant dinner and retired to our respective rooms, and came back safe with without incident?"

No, exercising good judgment is often bland and folksy. It's safe like abstinence, without the Catholic overtones.

More often, this is what makes life exciting:

"Dude, remember that time we went to Seattle and Greg got a reckless driving ticket for going 130 miles an hour? Oh and we got so shitfaced drunk that Scott let that chick blow him in the bathroom, even though we kept telling him it was a dude? And then Pete got all pissed for some reason, went to the bathroom where Brent just took a dump, and smeared shit all over Ray's pillows?"

Yep. Good times.

Poor juedgment is fun. Good judgment is progressive. I urge the world to exercise good judgment, and let me have my fun.


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