Monday, January 30, 2006

from bi-curious to omni-curious

There are always two sides to a situation. In a class I took we were split into two groups. Each group is to read a case study representing one side of a conflict. We were to come back and discuss the situation in a class, each group only exposed to a single side of the story.

So when I was split into a group to read a case study for one side, I went ahead and read the case study for the opposing side. Dana or Oscar or someone said that I was cheating. To which I replied, "No, I'm bi-curious."

That wasn't what I mean to say, but it is how it came out. Some laughs later I tried to correct myself. "Well, I'm curious about everything. It is my nature."

Steve added, "Wouldn't that make you omni-curious?"
Corey, "Oh man, that hole in that tree sure looks tempting."

Yes, I supposed I am omni-curious. Some vegetables are mighty tempting and elicit a tingling sensation between my legs.

not true, I'm merely curious


Anonymous Corey said...

I'm not bi-curious. I only stick to evergreens...I don't mess with broadleafs...There is a chance you can pick up something poison oak!

9:49 PM  
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