Thursday, February 23, 2006

erotic baked goods...what's wrong with me?

I went to lunch today with some people from work. Gary tells me there is a good philly cheese steak place that recently opened up and got good reviews. Though I'm not much into sandwiches unless it's me in the middle, I decided to play along. Rule number 11, never disagree with the boss on trivial stuff such as lunch.

So we come up to Philly Bilmos, An East Coast Deli. At first I read it as "Philly Bimbos", but then I corrected my dyslexia. We walk up to the door and I came across this sign:

I paused at this sign for more time than is normal. Why? Because of another word that popped into my mind when I read "TASTYKAKE" -> "BUKAKE". "Tasty Bukake?" Thought I. "Can't be! Too extreme!" Thought I some more. Bukake is a Japanese term, where tens, sometimes hundreds, of men masterbate and deposit their outcome onto the face of a single, kneeling female. "They made a food product from that?!" Thought I again.

Disturbed about what kind of sandwich shop I'm getting into, I reluctantly enter. Turns out, Tastykake reads much like tasty+cake, not tasty+ka+ke that made me associate with Japanese facial. But for some reason, I didn't want to try a Tastykake.

The sandwich was really quite good. Instead of the 6 and 12 inch that is common, Philly Bilmos has 8 and 16 inch cheesesteaks. I'd hit it again.


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Time to update your blog. This shit is getting boaring as hell.

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