Friday, March 24, 2006

my Chinglish fails me

Took a stroll in the Summer Palace in Beijing not too long ago. The Long Gallery, a really, really long hallway with different scenery pained at each cross beam was closed for construction. The sign, written in both Chinese and English, showcased the depserate need of proper translators in China.

The Chinese reads - "Under Construction, Please Watch You Head".

The English - "The construction passage is cateful to meet"

A word on visiting Summer Palace in the Winter. Summer Palace is where the Emperor goes to dodge the morbidly warm and humid summer heat. It is a place that imparts coolness, breezy, lots of shade, and generally everything that is associated to have a cooling effect. Summer is the time to visit the Summer Palace.

Summar Palace in Winter. The temperature hovers somewhere around freezing and "I'M PEEING YELLOW ICICLES!!!" The man made lake (they dug out a lake, and with the dirt, built a hill for the palace) is in a state solid enough that, if Jesus appeared and walked on water, it wouldn't impress anyone. The sun is out, but there are lots of shade. The constant breeze of arctic air is very cooling, indeed.

Okay I'll stop bitching. *cough*


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