Saturday, July 01, 2006

body wash is not hair gel

I have kept my head shaved for about a year now. A month ago I finally decided to grow it back. This morning, looking in the mirror after showering, I wondered if I can spike my now inch long hair.

Looking down, I saw a bottle of Axe gel. I can see cool blue bubbles through its translucent plastic body. Picking it up, I put a dollop in my hand, and rubbed it into my hair. It didn't spike very well. Then again, it's been a year since I used any hair products.

After a long day of classes and watching France beating down a very flaccid Brazil, I figure I take another shower before I go out. I wet my hair and it immediately foamed up. Hmmm... Gel doesn't react with water this way...does it?

I get done taking a shower, pickup my bottle of gel, and put it in my hair. Sitting there, I kept wondering why did my gel bubble with water? It's never done that before...

I just picked the bottle and took a good look at it. It's Axe Shower Gel. Nice... I've been running around with soap in my hair. And I'm getting my master degree in 2 weeks?!?!


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