Friday, August 04, 2006

how to be a joo

One thing I never understood is why so many people come to the defense of the Jews. Sure, they had it bad at the hands of the Germans for a few years and faced near extinction. But by the same logic that I think reparation is a bad idea, protecting Jews over any small perceived offense is worse.

When you call a black guy "nigger", Mexican a "wetback", or Chinese a "chink", you get labled as a racist. One word. Racist. It covers all form of racial intolerance wheather your background is Southern Baptist or Southern KKK. You can believe that Licoln was wrong to free the slaves (cuz it gave rise to the Mexican incursion due to low wage labor needs) or scream white power in front of a Korean restaurant, there is only one word. Racist.

But if you question the authenticity of the holocaust, or make any remark that there seems to be a disproportionate number of people with Jewish descent in the banking and film industry, you will be given a unique label. Anti-semite.

Why the special case? Many Japanese deny that the Rape of Nanking existed, but there isn't a special label for that. Southern California has a caution sign of a Mexican family crossing the highway, and we all have a good laugh. Black Panther's militant dislike of white people is merely a curiosity. None have special names.

Heck, even when the Jews bombed 50 some children in Lebanon we call it justified war action. Anyone else does it, and we'd have repeated Iraq all over them. Why the special treatment? Why does the Western world love Jews so much more than God did in the Old Testament? They killed Jesus, for Christsakes.

The answer is probably complicated, and I'm too lazy to do any research. Instead I looked into of how to become a Jew. And here is how:

So You Wanna Convert to Jedaism?

I'm not sure I'm ready for a briss right away. Having a rabbi poking for blood on my purple one-eyed trouser snake isn't something a man at my age can easily accept. But the other terms aren't so bad...

With the Jews better protected than Pentagon's CIA files, who wouldn't consider the possibility of becoming Jewish?


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