Sunday, October 01, 2006

Portland Marathon - 26.2 miles sleeping in

Toni ran the whole Portland Marathon today. It's 26 some miles from downtown Portland to...downtown Portland. It goes through some nice scenic routes next to the most polluted river in the United States and tracks through the ghetto of NE Portland.

9000 people ran or walked it, starting at 7AM.

I maintain it is unholy. The Bible told us that Sunday is a day of rest, and we shall smite down those who work on this holy rest day with stone. Since smashing random runners with a large brick is against the law of man, I didn't obey the decree of some silly Jewish fiction. I did, however, recognize that getting up early in the morning on a Sunday constituted as a sin in the book of John, and slept in.

When I woke, Toni was on her way home, having finished the entire run without stopping (except for the train that kind of caused everyone to stop).

Roughly 4 hours and 30 minutes, or sustained 10 minute miles. Congradulations!


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