Friday, October 20, 2006 ugly is your wife?

I just read this: "Wash. man accused of sex with pit bull".

No. It wasn't me.

But a few lines in the article did tickle the bowels of my curiosity. To wit: "the first person in the Washington state charged under a new bestiality law".

I have to assume prior to this new bestiality law, people were willy nilly picking up their pets and wantonly ravishing them. When they have exhausted domesticated quadrupeds, people started trolling for strays. WTF? Really? Before the law was passed, it was not illegal to give your neighbor's Siamese the shocker while it licks the peanut butter off your pecker?

Boy did we all miss that party.

"Michael Patrick McPhail was caught by his wife on Wednesday night having intercourse on the back porch with their four-year-old female pit bull terrier."

This is a picture of a pit bull terrier.
Slim, good muscule tone, small. And a face that would make a few men briefly consider Rosie O'Donnell. Is your wife that ugly? Maybe she's Catholic and had 12 kids and the poor guy ain't been touching sidewall for years.

Michael is sitting in jail with a $300,000 bail. Let the poor man go. Having been caught by his wife and subsequently his name plastered all over the state and given the title of "first man arrestest for bestiality" is punishment enough.


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