Wednesday, September 28, 2005

lessening the impact jesus christ (superstar!)

It never cease to amaze me how people take a great man, his great idea of peace and brotherhood, and reduce it to an incomprehensible icon. Jesus must be rolling in his grave right now. Oh, wait, I forgot he resurrected himself. He must have foreseen what religious nutjobs would do to his ideals and decided dying is really not for him.

Take the fishes for instance - people put it on their cars like they are making some kind of statement. "I'm holier than thou!" "Yeah, but scientifically you are wrong!" "I prescribe to a higher form of learnings that require no fact or basis on reality!"

Take them damn things off! The only thing you are doing is, after dark, when I have time, I'll come over and slash your tires.

While you're added, remove those STUPID "Support Our Troops" stickers. If spending a mere $2.50 at the gas station make you feel as if you've contributed to our brave soliders overseas, you have thouroughly failed to impress anyone. I gave the US Army $10. I'm 4 times better than you, yet you don't see me brag about it. -Sheesh-

Get yer jesus fish variants

we've turned jesus into a dang fish symbol Posted by Picasa


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