Thursday, October 27, 2005

jesus, the foremost sado-mascochist

I'm all for being tied up and endure slight physical abuse for sexual arousal as the next guy. But hey, no one can top being crucified, poked with a spear, and whipped like a Roman criminal like Jesus. He is the original S&M extremist.

Then again, he is our lord and savir and all that. What with the shroud of Turin, appearing on toast, and dying for your sins. Jesus needs release. He's got to be frustrated since Mary the whore is long gone by about two thousand years!

Well now you can stick it to the man like the Romans did. Whip him, poke him, twist his nipples. Remember, he died for your sins. But that don't mean you can't enjoy him once in a while.

bled our savior for thy amusement


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