Thursday, December 22, 2005

why only women should enjoy that fresh cleased feeling

Deep in thought about gender inequity late one afternoon nursing a feverent hangover, I came upon the act of douching. Women douche to get that moutain fresh deep cleansing after a night of anomimous unprotected sex with men who don't shake properly after pissing. Men, we get to scrub our testicles with steel wool over the sink after being the twelveth man in the party tramp to for a sperm fight.

No, the closest men comes to douching is being called a douche-bag. And that's just wrong. Poking around, of all places, I came up with a gender nutral douche. The Anal Douche!

But somehow I think this isn't the product I'm looking for. Since straight sex, for me, never ended in hershey highway robbery, I fail to desire to clease my colon when my weewee is in more dire need of a warm medicinal soaking.

Maybe I'll look for a male urethral douche. But that sounds like it would hurt more than the Brillo pad and Lava soap option. Suddenly, I don't care so much...

massengil for the other hole


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