Tuesday, December 13, 2005

...and we killed him back...

Is it me or does tookie (criminals don't deserve captialization on thier names) look a lot like James Earl Jones? Must be me...

This killer deserved killing, too bad it took 20 some years to get it done. Given the time for the appeals, this joker wrote some childrens books. Of course, childrens books automatically absolved one of all past murders. He's done such good for the world (says al sharpton and jesse fucking jackson) by turning a few kids away from gangs, all the while creating one of the most vile street gang that killed thousands. Oh yeah, this guy is both a martyr and a saint, just like osama bin laden.

Someone said "according to Ghandi, 'an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind'." According to fact, and not some long dead peacenik in backwaters India, tookie took out 4 sets of eyes. And taking out one set of his seems more than just.

Execute on, USA! Make me proud to be a red blooded, meat gobbling, beer guzzling, world dominating citizen!!! We rul!

one less drain on society


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