Tuesday, November 08, 2005

the finest box of wine

Like a fine box of wine, only the cheap women would drink straigh from the tap. Then again, men are such predictable creatures that women follow in droves to satisfy their egos.

Yes, womenfolk. It is your fault. If your kind didn't encourage, our kind would not have have reacted. When we yell "Show your tits!" at Mardi Gra, it is you who reinforced our supposedly "bad" behavoir by showing your bare mammaries. And when I shouted "Show you box!" You were at fault for taking off your underwear and letting me video tape your fuzzies.

So women, engage in a little psychology, eh? Positive recinforcement in ways of public displays of tits, ass, and box isn't helping your in getting us to stop treating you like the sex objects you want us to see you as. Do your part, and I swear, within the limits of law, I shall do mine.



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