Tuesday, November 15, 2005

alien probe, japanese style

Sometimes it is just gosh awefully inconvenient to go to the doctors to get a colonoscopy when all you are interested is if you have some corn stuck on the edge of your large intestine that's turned into a mold colony. Digging around with your middle and fore fingers simply doesn't yeild any visual results. Enter the Japanese with a simple tool that lets you, with a trusted friend, to view deep into the bowels of your...er...bowels. Simply insert one end (the thin end) into the anal opening and push in deep. With a Maglite and a video recorder, you're all set to perform your in home ass-spelunking.

By the way, the three tellow Japanese Katakana says "A Na Ru" or Anal.

Read here for the whole story about how the guy also tested out vagina in a can.

for looking into those hard to stretch places


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