Thursday, September 13, 2007

Beer bust @ work

We had a beer bust at work from noon to 3. It's good to get out of the cubicle and sit outside, watching middle aged people mill about, sipping on free booze, and taking a break from their otherwise go-nowhere deadend jobs thats bound for Southeast Asia.

I didn't partake in the drinking, which surprised a few folks. Probably because I don't like to stop once I stop. Letting me drink for a few hours and then yank away the taps is like foreplay and penetration, but no movement allowed. It would be worst than Guantanamo ran by Uday and Qusay.

Anyhoo I did talk the server to make me a nice little Philly cheese sandwich. It resembles nothing like Philly, I'm pretty sure contained no cheese, and did not come in the form of a sandwich.

When asked "How much cheese sauce would you like?"

I said "How about enough so we don't see the color of the meat?"

It's 2:53. I'm still eating it.